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Mystica Lodge & Retreat

Posted by on May 21, 2015


Mystica Lodge and Retreats is nestled on a hill overlooking the tranquil Lake Arenal and the active Arenal Volcano. This lodge exudes tranquility and offers a welcoming and nurturing environment in which the guests can enjoy a break from a busy lifestyle. This lodge property overlooks amazing view of the lake. While staying at this lodge, you will find the place relaxing, peaceful and mystical and also enjoy the intimate true tropical hideaway. The location of the lodge is fairly remote and 1.5 hours from the Liberia airport. If you want to visit the local town (15 minute by car), you will need a vehicle or need to arrange transportation through the lodge itself. Here you will enjoy comfort, Yoga, healing, art, sports and adventure activities. The lodge property has an organic garden with exotic flowers, fruit trees and wildlife. There is also a natural pool that will allow you to refresh yourself. If you want to stay more close to the nature, you can stay at the tree-house that has a healing environment.



In the main lodge there are six beautiful rooms that have attached and fully equipped bathrooms. For these rooms local animal’s names are used. These rooms provide warm atmosphere and cleanliness. All the rooms are well designed with all the necessary things that the guests need for comfort. The rooms are designed eco friendly and constructed in such a way that it allows the natural breeze and fresh typical climate enter the rooms and that’s why the rooms don’t include air conditioning but has a ceiling fan in each room. This lodge can accommodate maximum four people.

Private Villa:

A few steps from the main lodge, there is fully furnished and well decorated private villa. This villa is ideally designed for the couples who want to enjoy romantic getaway here. This villa features all the facilities you have been craving. It also include a fully stocked kitchen and beautifully tiled bathroom with a large shower. You can also enjoy its outdoor shower. From the ope terrace of the villa you can enjoy amazing sunrise and sunset while relaxing on a hammock.

You can also stay at the other lodging-Ra Ma Da Sa House or Jungle Cabin-Hamsa.


Vinyasa-Rhythms-YogaMystica Lodge & Retreat offers many retreats in Casta Rica through the year and also offers variety of Yoga instructors directed by Yoga instructors. Yoga instructors can customize the retreats and can combine Yoga with Healing, Massage and Adventures.

One of the important features of this lodge is La Esencia, a Yoga sanctuary by the river. This covered, spacious wooden platform is ideal not only for practicing Yoga but also for enjoying relaxation. An extraordinarily beautiful and unforgettable ambiance are offered by the forest here.

This lodge offers early morning Yoga sessions that are open for the guest and the community. All the sessions are guided by experienced and friendly resident yoga instructors. Yoga instructors customized the yoga sessions blending traditional Yoga techniques with Vinyasa techniques. These yoga sessions are designed for all level. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level practitioners, you will find the classes perfect and will get benefited physically as well as psychologically.


Mystica Lodge & Retreat
Arenal Lake – Costa Rica
tel. (506) 2692 10 01
fax (506) 2692 20 97