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Maya Tulum wellness and spa

Posted by on Dec 19, 2012


Location :  Mexico

Rates : $ 170 and above  per night

Accommodation : Villas and cabinas

Amenities : Restaurant, beach, free-speed internet, beach, housekeeping services, spa and yoga

Maya Tulum is a seaside wellness center which is about 1.5 hours from Cancun. It is a small resort with waterfront. The retreat hosts several yoga related events every year. If you are a health enthusiast, you may be spoiled by the choices it offers. It have mind, body and soul programs along with assorted vegetarian meals. As a die-hard lover of spa, you can expect a variety of messages here in Maya Tulum.

Maya Tulum retreat is known for its peaceful surroundings in which it is set. It has 45 private cabinas which are located within a distance of 50 meters from the beach. Some of the cabinas and villas are sea-facing. The accommodations have conventional Yucatan touch which is exhibited in the form of thatched roof huts and walls with white-washed stones. Beds are nicely decked up with silky, mosquito-protecting drapes. The beach bay area is quite interesting where you can get a scenic view of sunrise.

Due to its activities in yoga practice, Maya Tulum ranks among the top yoga retreats in the world.The retreat has large yoga studios and seven massage rooms.  Anahata, Hatha and Ashtanga are the main yoga styles which are taught daily at this retreat. Private yoga sessions are also available upon requests. Maya Tulum also offers 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training courses in Mexico. The courses are creative, joyful and intelligently modified to suit different levels and tempos. At the end of the courses at Maya Tulum, you will be qualified not only in teaching styles of Yoga but you will also learn to create other styles such as prenatal and restorative yoga. Generally the courses run for three weeks.

The retreat also offers advanced yoga teacher trainings for professionals. For latest information, you can log into their website or call them directly for reservations.

The meals are provided in beach-side ocean hut which features a veg buffet. It has variety of choices for guests for example pastas, fresh-fish and sandwiches. It also has a tiny bar.

Maya Tulum offers exclusive seven-night package which includes three  daily meals, 2 spa treatments, two tours for half day, unlimited yoga practice and airport round-trip. If you have hunger for excursions, you can experience plenty of such activities by staying at Maya Tulum retreat.  On the other hand, you can do snorkeling, swimming in the fresh water sink holes or go to Sian Kaan which is a large biosphere conservation area.  A 10 minute taxi drive can take you to the nearby town, Tulum which has shops selling clothes, jewelry and handicrafts.

If you are looking for a beach-side place where you can lounge with your laptop, it is not the place you are supposed to be at. Power is supplied only by dependable generators and there is only one phone line for guests however user friendly pay phones are available. Maya Tulum is for people who want to unwind from hectic chores and relax in the tranquility of nature.

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Tel. no. : 770-483-0238 FREE