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Lotus Yoga Retreat

Posted by on Dec 14, 2012


Location : Patnem Beach, Goa

Rates : $ 54 and above per person

Accommodation : Hut type accommodation, double and single.

Amenities : Yoga studio, meditation, holistic treatments, restaurant

Lotus Yoga retreat is a beachfront resort which provides Eco-friendly accommodation cum retreat in South Goa. It is situated on the southern end of  Patnem, a beach near a small mountain. Patnem is considered as one of the pleasant beaches of Goa. Goa is itself a hot tourist destination in India. Every year lots of tourists come to different parts of Goa for array of activities. Be it for sunburn festival, partying, learning yoga or meditation, Goa welcomes tourists from all over the world all throughout the year. Lotus Yoga retreat is a perfect place to unwind and relax watching the ocean.The breeze is gentle and waters are warm which is perfect for regular dips. You will find various shops and shacks a few minutes away from the beach. Some of the shacks provide breakfast and dinner options too. The area surrounding the retreat is ideal for short excursions and trips.

Meditation and yoga classes are offered by the Lotus Retreat from November to April. If you wish to come here as a yoga enthusiast or a health enthusiast, you can choose between flexible yoga sessions or a health holiday. There is a large yoga deck called yoga shala, which overlooks the ocean. Lotus retreat not only offers lessons in yoga and meditation but it also provides  holistic treatments like shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology, ayurveda, reiki and detox/cleansing programs. Shiatsu is a Japanese healing therapy  where pressures with fingers are applied to heal pain and anxiety symptoms. Reflexology is a relaxing therapy for feet. Reiki is the art of laying hands to eliminate toxins and balance chakra. The retreat works on the philosophy of body and soul wellness. Teacher training classes are also provided at this retreat.

There are three types of huts which are available in this retreat:

  • Hill ocean view
  • Ocean sunset view
  • Yoga ocean view

The huts provided by Lotus retreat give necessary amenities without hampering the environment. Each hut has an ocean with a view of the sea and the rocky mountain. The cost of the retreat includes one meal, meditation & yoga meditation.

There is a restaurant which provides healthy and organic meals to the guests staying. Throughout the day guests are provided juices, small snacks and nutrients. The retreat also arranges for any special diet requirements on prior requests from guests. The two chefs at this retreat  prepare local, seasonal foods and guests have variety of selections. Fish is also one of the options at this retreat as Goa is famous for having delicious and tasty sea-food.

Do not forget to bring yoga mat, driving license, mosquito repellents and sunglasses. Licenses are required if you are hiring a bike in Goa.Lotus retreat also has a boutique where one can find a stock of yoga supplies and designer clothing. For long night walks you may also require a torch.

Contact details

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Tel. no.: 0044 797 37 31 026