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Danyasa Eco-Resort and Retreat

Posted by on May 18, 2014


Located on the main road in Dominical, just at the base of rain-forested mountains where the Baru River meets the sea, Danyasa offers retreat, adventure and creative exploration in Costa Rican paradise! People who want to escape away and want to spend some enjoyable time in an ecological circumstance and also want to enjoy outer adventure, Danyasa is the perfect place.

Eco Accommodation:

Danyasa eco resort deckDanyasa offers a safe, comfortable and friendly eco-accommodation. In its boutique eco-hotel there are four rooms that can be rented. These rooms are built out of beautifully refurbished up-cylced cargo containers with secure doors, windows, and ample space where the guest can store or hung their belongings. Three of these rooms are equipped with queen-size beds and air conditioning. There is also a shared deck and community area and a secluded outdoor jungle shower. There is a shared outdoor kitchen including all the ingredients needed to cook and also includes a refrigerator and stove.

While staying at the resort if one wants to be connected with outer world they can use Wi-Fi facility. Guest can access to the studio while it is not in use for any class or private session.


Different types of classes designed for all level are offered by Danyasa Eco-Resort and Retreat. Its mission is to introduce the practitioners to their very inner self and to find out who they really are, to offer a sanctuary for creative exploration, healing, retreat and play. Whether it is a dance class or a yoga class, healing arts, relaxation or adventure tours the practitioner will discover the inner harmony while entering deeper and deeper into their own self. Every single step or movement will introduce them to a new self and they will feel the connection among body, mind and soul. Stepping into this resort is just like stepping into healing sanctuary.

Yoga with Sophia:

Warrior-GoddessesSofia is a fabulous teacher and dancer who instruct a Vinyasa fusion Yoga class based on the combination of Anusara Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Tantra Yoga techniques. People who want to to access the inner creativity and potential though the Vinyasa flow fusion of Yoga class and movement journey, they can join this class with Sophia. While following Sofia’s hypnotic voice through a flowing fusion of yoga postures and dance movement on the mat, one can be connected with breath, body and creative spirit.

Shakti Yoga classes with Nicole:

Shakti Flow Yoga class, guided by Nicole basically emphasizes on concentrating to the core inner strength that let practitioner access to the true potential self. This class is designed with the combination of Hatha breathing, meditation and Vinyasa Flow.

Yoga and Surf Vacation Package:

Danyasa also offers a package combined Yoga with Surfing. People who love to surf they will catch world class waves year round in Dominical. The balmy Pacific Ocean is just outside of the studio door which invites the yoga and surf lovers to play with the waves. Danyasa offers a discount for Yoga and Surf Vacation Packages which is a great opportunity for the people who want to enjoy surfing in their yoga vacation.


Danyasa Eco-Resort and Retreat

Main Road, Playa Dominical, Puntarenas, Dominical 5400, Costa Rica
Skype: BambooYogaPlay

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