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Prana del Mar

Posted by on Dec 20, 2012


Location : Mexico

Rates : $ 149 per night

Accommodation : Rooms and suites

Amenities :  Spa and yoga, gardens, balcony, internet, swimming pool, stovetop, microwave, dishwasher, cookware, BBQ

Prana del Mar is an ideal place to escape for a real retreat setting. It is surrounded by a desert  all around, Sieraa de la Laguna mountains to the east and the Pacific ocean to its west. Prana del Mar is known as a tranquil yoga retreat where one can rejuvenate, relax and refresh. The entire property in which the retreat is located is solar-powered and is off-grid which is the best option to unplug completely.

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Maya Tulum wellness and spa

Posted by on Dec 19, 2012


Location :  Mexico

Rates : $ 170 and above  per night

Accommodation : Villas and cabinas

Amenities : Restaurant, beach, free-speed internet, beach, housekeeping services, spa and yoga

Maya Tulum is a seaside wellness center which is about 1.5 hours from Cancun. It is a small resort with waterfront. The retreat hosts several yoga related events every year. If you are a health enthusiast, you may be spoiled by the choices it offers. It have mind, body and soul programs along with assorted vegetarian meals. As a die-hard lover of spa, you can expect a variety of messages here in Maya Tulum.

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Haramara retreat

Posted by on Dec 16, 2012


HaramaraDahlikaPictures 089

Location : Mexico

Rates : $ 200 and above

Accommodation : 20 rooms, palm thatched huts and dormatries

Amenities : Complimentary breakfast, beach, restaurant, two yoga pavillions, shuttle bus service, yoga, Yoga teacher training

Haramara is a Huichol word which means :mother sea”. It is located near Puerto Vallarta on the sleepy coastline, Riviera Nayarit. The entire stretch of coast is dotted with resorts. Haramara includes a private beach and twelve areas of tropical forests. The yoga studio is an open-air construction with a panoramic view of the ocean and jungle. Guests are accommodated in simple but cozy palm-thatched cabinas with open air walls on 3 sides. It invites ocean breeze and sounds of the waves.

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