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Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Costa Rica

Posted by on Jul 9, 2015


Costa Rica is a naturally blessed country and considered as one of the most biologically diverse place in the planet. There are many volcanic mountains, balmy sunshine beaches and lush tropical rainforests that are ideal backdrop for those who want to enjoy being connected with nature. There are numerous Yoga centers and retreats that offers a variety of Yoga sessions, courses, workshops and teacher training program based on different types of Yoga method. If you want to experience transformation, peacefulness, healing and to nourish your body, mind and soul, you can choose one of the yoga retreat center and enjoy whichever session you like. People who are already experienced in yoga and want to develop their skill or want to take Yoga as a profession, they can take a Yoga Teacher Training Program. Here goes some of the best Yoga Teacher Training Programs in Costa Rica:

Anamaya Resort

Located in Montezum, Anamaya Resort is luxury yoga retreat. Nestled on a cliff edge, this exotic resort overlooks the most irresistible beach vistas. Surrounded by the lush emerald rainforests of the beautiful beach town, this resort is a stone;s throw away from the popular waterfalls. Several Yoga teacher training programs such as 28 days/200 hours long yoga teacher certification courses are offered by this resort all year round. These programs also include accommodations, three organic gourmet meals per day, tours and many yoga classes that will let you become a certified yoga teacher.

Website: Anamaya Resort


bambo-Yoga-playLocated in the surfer’s sanctuary, Danyasa Eco Resort and Retreat offers teacher training courses, movement workshops, dance classes, healing mentoring, bodywork, tours and excursions. If you take the 100 hour YTT and immersion program offered by the center, you will be eligible for Yoga Alliance Certification. If you want to become a certified teacher, you can learn the three E’s of Danyasa Arts: Embodiment, Empowerment and Expression. This program can accommodate maximum 24 people so it is recommended make a reservation. It is formally known as “Bamboo Yoga Play” just a mere two minutes drive from the beach.

Website: Danyasa

Marianne Wells Yoga School:

Located in Cahuita, Marianne Wells Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance Registered School. In Costa Rica, it is considered as one of the most popular schools that offers comprehensive yoga teacher training programs. To make a career in this field, you can take the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program and after completing the session you can start your journey as a yoga teacher. In this Yoga school, with the YTT program, many other facilities are also offered and it includes comfortable accommodations, gourmet meals and a panoramic ocean-side setting. Here you can choose the accommodations according to your choice and you will enjoy delicious meals that are prepared with organic products and there you will find vegetarian dishes available thrice a day. This school offers several other facilities for students such as ground transportation, daily maid services, fresh linens and so on.

Website: Marianne Wells Yoga School

Nosara Yoga Institute:

This Yoga Institute is founded by Amba and Don Stapleton, who are internationally recognized as professional yoga teachers. It is a Yoga Alliance Registered Institute and renowned for its professional yoga teacher training programs in Costa Rica. You can join the yoga teacher training programs offered by the Institute and become qualified for Yoga Alliance Certification. Several YTT programs are conducted by the founders of the Institute. These training programs also include daily Yoga classes with training manual, 2 meals per day and accommodations.

Website: Nosara Yoga Institute

Pavones Yoga Center

Situated in Pavones, on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Pavones Yoga Center is a Yoga Alliance registered school. It offers YTT programs including all the requirements and International standards. This program will make you qualified to become registered professional Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance certification. Two types of YTT programs: 200 hours multidimensional yoga teacher training and 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training are offered by the center. This Yoga center arranges the program for maximum a group of twenty one people so that the practitioners get enough attention from the instructors and learn properly. The training courses also include accommodations, yoga classes, and also meals.

Website: Pavones Yoga Center

Samasati Nature Retreat

Situated on the Southern Caribbean Region of Costa Rica, Samasati Nature Retreat offers several yoga training programs and workshops carried out by Hari Om Yoga School. The classes are based on postures, anatomy, breathing exercises, meditation, philosophy, history, Tantra and Chakras. The courses are focused on both Spiritual and Physical training. These classes are held twice a day and last for 2 hours. You will also enjoy 5 hours long lecture that are divided between morning and afternoon.

Website: Samasati Nature Retreat